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Monday, August 23, 2004

back in the land of eternal sunshine...

Well, a week of 50 degree weather in the North Woods of Wisconsin was enough to have me smiling when I returned to sunny, sunny sam diego in one piece. Nothing quite as exhilirating as the eastern approach to sam diego's airport - you cruise along about 100 yards above the city for 3-4 miles. Other fun sights included the Grand Canyon and the Salton Sea, that oasis of pickled bird shit.

Anyway, I know I just started doing this, but no promises to have much up and running the next few weeks - work, spanish, more work and packing/selling my random shit will probably take up most of my time. Then again, I'm going to be working the night shift, so I'll have Z do some posting and then I'll respond with what I can come up with - still haven't really defined this weblog yet, eh? Maybe that's a task for the next couple of weeks. Rules of the road will be up sometime soon, but they still need some tweeking.


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