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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Why are we here?

Excellent Question.

Where is here? Well, currently we're in Santa Fe, capital of NM, home to shopping, artistic communities and some of the more beautiful mountain views I've seen. Last night we spent a rather frigid evening in the Pecos Wilderness about halfway in between Taos and Santa Fe. Our campsite was at the Trampas trailhead, next to a rather lovely winding creek and below the start of the trail. Wildlife included chipmunks and bluejays - no bears so far...

But why are we in New Mexico? Friendship, I guess - our good friend and ex-roommate Sam is going through some tough times and needed a weekend away from his life. And who better to call when you want to escape your life than us? Discarded hairs, we're floating towards the drain with nothing but soapy bathwater to support us. And credit cards, of course. But then again maybe I've had too much coffee.

Because I've got nothing better to do, and due to the occasional request from parents, friends and potential staulkers, I'll outline a tentative trip schedule. After a weekend with Sammo in Jemez Springs, the plan is to hightail it back to eastern Kansas to see the Tall Grass Prairie then wander through Manhattan (Kansas, that is), Lincoln, Nebraska and various sections of South Dakota before landing in Grand Forks, ND on Halloween (Focus on the Family is against such cavity filled festivals). After a few days in the inebriating company of an old friend we head eastward to parts frozen and tall (think Chi-town, NYC, Boston, etc.). And that's about it.

Oh, if you get a chance, check out our new "photoblog" which has pics from our trip deemed blog worthy, but not so blog worthy as to make it onto the main page.


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