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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smoked Meats

So you're heading by shuttle to the highlands of Guatemala from Antigua. Or Lake Atitlan. Or Chichicastenango. Pretty much anywhere west of Antigua, or so it seems. In this fairly likely scenario you'll have an early rest stop about 35-45 minutes outside of Antigua where you'll find the above sign. You're probably saying to yourself, why the hell are we stopping now? We just got on the road for a 3-6 hour journey and NOW we're stopping for the bathroom break? Well, the reason you're stopping here lies below, and it's all about the hard, smokey meats.
Pretty fantastic, eh?
Zephir proudly displaying her newly obtained smoked sausage. Caroline perusing the wares, which that handy attendant will allow you to try - they have approximations of black forest ham (silva de negra), proscuitto and serrano ham for around $6 US/lb, although we asked for half a lb and they gave us 2/3 for the price we asked for.
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