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Thursday, August 26, 2004


So I'm in the middle of my first overnight shift here at the hostel in Sam Diego. Quiet and generally enjoyable, other than knowing that it's 3:30 a.m. and I'm not scheduled to sleep until this afternoon after my next Spanish class.

Where's Zephir? That's a good question - she's got a job which involves a bit more "work" than mine does, so I wouldn't expect any of her haiku-esce writing until after the middle of September.

Currently I'm in liquidation mode. Any and all of my non-portable worldly possessions are going the way of craigslist and ebay. Motorcycle, hammock, climbing stuff, even a few extra cameras which won't get much use.

In other news, I'm thinking about trying to put together a T-shirt design to sell/barter for our trip around the states which will hopefully help to provide funding and reward goodwill as we crawl throughout the northern midwest.

A return to the world of the eternal news cycle has been a bit of a shock. To listen to the allegations levelled by each presidential campaign is to realize how the method of campaigning has overshadowed the actual issues of this campaign - the future of healthcare in this country, the state of our social security system and where education sits in our priorities (if people who are educated tend to support themselves, then why don't we put more effort into educating them upfront - think of it as the R & D aspect of governing well). But seeing as how those isssues aren't of much import when one can be debating leadership styles and what people did 20-25 years ago, I might as well spend some time on campaign finance reform. I've been putting some thought into 527s and the larger goal of campaign finance reform as of late - I'll try to dig up some of the movement's original goals and get back to people about how things are actually turning out.

Otherwise, I'm pretty excited about the upcoming trip. Unlike days past when anxiety has swamped me before a cross country trek, the days only bring more excitement. Probably since I'll be back to footloose and fancy free in a way I've been dreaming of for months now (I think from the moment Zephir arrived my days in Sam Diego were numbered). The other reason is that I can't wait to explore places like Nebraska's Oglala Grasslands, a place that sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel. Here's a link to a less than spectacular website:

Then there's the Niobrara River, which is a canoist's dream:

Of course, it'll probably be freakin' frigid by that point, so we'll see what happens... well, I've blabbed enough at this point, back to folding laundry. JM


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