Jephir Treks America: Bumbling Through Central America

A 6 week adventure in gastronomica, sights, and observation.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

It's a vision thing....

When travelling far and wide, one should have a coherent vision. Rules are great, but without the ability to think beyond the tip of one's nose, there's little one can accomplish.

To be honest, at the moment I think both of us are a little less than prepared in this department. I'm bogged down by the need to study spanish and Zephir appears to be experiencing the natural changes that accompany any return to the homeland. The effects upon both of us include the diminishing of vision (see above photo;), the apparent importance of activities which prove inconsequential once on the road.

I think it is this freedom from those conventional trappings that continually draw me back to travel in one form or another. To avoid the normal pitfalls of our consumer lifestyle (think of hammocks, motorcycles and other toys) requires a continual vigilance once one settles down for more than a couple of weeks. Alternatively, when travelling (especially for extended periods of time) such extravagance (or is it merely comfort?) becomes impossible. It's impossible to travel without becoming an ultralighter in spirit (if not in fact)...

but they shut down the cafe and i head home...


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