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Monday, October 25, 2004

Westward we go-go

Where we been...

Just spent half an hour on a post that subsequently was lost during transmission, so please excuse any brevity or lack of humour in the next bit (-our due to time spent with British companions as of late).

Santa Fe was great. A heated political atmosphere, all kinds of weird and wonderful art, and the smell of green chile permeating the air.

The weekend was spent in Jemez Springs, a town with a restaurant per meal and a not much else. The hills surrounding the area are beautiful and have three separate hot springs that you can drive and hike to. Both Red Sox games were watched with plenty of beer in hand. We braved drunken locals and horrid service to witness the beginnings of winter in hell.

More posts from a state northeast of here, assuming the truck still runs.

Oh, and we're going to start posting video links sometime soon, if all goes according to plans laid this past weekend.


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