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Thursday, February 24, 2005

What we'll be doing for that all important last week in this U.S. of A

Weds. (yesterday;) Drive to Vermont for selling of house by Penny Battison. Return and consume some tasty brews at Delaney's in New Haven.

Thurs. Finish packing, train to NYC. Wander around some gates and people watch. Catch up with Anna of Colorado fame, Carinne of Boston fame, and a decent cup of espresso (finally).

Fri. Drop off alcohol (and other worldly possessions) at Mother's place, drive to providence to rendevououiaouiues with Sammo, Peter and Mary (I hear there are cookies waiting), then head up to New Hampshire for a weekend of hiking, drinking and the occasional word edgewise.

Mon: Swing through Beantown and distribute hugs, kisses and enrollment forms to the locals. Return to mother's place, sleep and eat.

Tues: Africa, all aboard!


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