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Friday, October 29, 2004

Morning, everyone...

One of the major problems with "standard" roadtrips is that everytime you sit down to write, something comes up - a park, city, conversation, your turn to drive or just plain exhaustion (which is much more troublesome than mountain or coast exhaustion). The last 3-4 days have not been writing-friendly. Thus, in an attempt to catch up quickly before Z and me hit the road again I'm going to use the (bad) haiku, both to sumarize and limit excessive verbal diarrhea (as if any were ok....)


Plop! Hot springs and truck.
Sunset drive to ABQ
Service sucks, go Sox!


Goodbye Sam and Kate
Coffee, wash, knock-knock pick-up
Late night thumber.


  • At 5:53 PM , Blogger Vuck Fassar said...

    Oh how i love your tales. I dream of Jeffs hair. Sometimes, when I work at the front desk, I think of the days when you trained me. My name is Jacob, and when can I see the beauty that is Jeff again? Perhaps in dreams? Perhaps in between Africa and Asia? Keep writing haikus, and posting pictures, or else my days at the front desk will start consisting of.. . .work.

    May you never forget the wisdom of Socrates as you travel: "Sex makes travelling fun."



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