Jephir Treks America: Bumbling Through Central America

A 6 week adventure in gastronomica, sights, and observation.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Fez, the brain of Morocco

Stinky, stinky tannery - pigeon poop and dyes

REI, fez-style

All dressed up and ready for our caravan.

Caraway(sp?) Mosque, home of many spices (and Allah)

Qu'ran school

Sam's ready to dive in

Jaunt in the countryside

Local flora (watch your toes)

Hanging out with the locals (part I)

Hanging out with the locals (part II)

Hey Idi, can we try this when I get back?

So there's this guy walking down the street with really bad hand-eye coordination, and someone comes up to him and says "I'll give you this ice cream cone if you can clap your hands in three tries...

Very tempting... would you like a carpet with that chair?


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