Jephir Treks America: Bumbling Through Central America

A 6 week adventure in gastronomica, sights, and observation.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Still alive, part I

Casablanca, March 3rd, 2005.

Jephir lives!

Observations from Casablanca:

The air is thick brown.
The hookers are plentiful. (this statement has not yet been evaluated by the FDA)
Zephir's throat is sore.

Meats available at your local butcher:

beef (probably)
goat (possibly)

Casablanca is the Tijuana of Morocco.

The tea is very sweet.
And minty!

No traveller's diarrhea (yet).

French words learned so far:

houire: hour
ferme: closed
merci: thank you
bounjour: goodday and hello

and that's it.

Awaiting our Mauritanian visas, then off to Fez.


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