Jephir Treks America: Bumbling Through Central America

A 6 week adventure in gastronomica, sights, and observation.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Jephir (a.k.a. Sahara's bitch)

Round 2 goes to the Sahara desert, leaving Jephir tired, worn and sore-assed. Guess we'll have to wait until Round 3 in Mali for the tie-breaker.

In other news, we met some Liberian refugees in Nouadhibou who fled during the war in 2002 but were dropped off in Mauritania. Seeing as how they speak English and are Christian and 99.5% of Mauritanians are Muslim and speak French or Arabic, the three brothers we met are pretty hard up. To that end, if anybody out in TV Land (or America) knows anything about getting refugees into America then they should email us at so we can help these guys. Their names are Bobby, Victor and Victor and we unfortunately didn't get a picture, but might be able to if we head back to Morocco overland.


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