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Monday, September 26, 2005

Haven't seen you in a while...

As Jephir prepares to hit the road in an effort to follow the sun to the Rockies, it hit one half that the blog has been seriously understaffed as of late. It's been a damn ghost town filled with pictures from other trips and thoughts more hackneyed than Will and Grace. This is where one with foresight and a few hours to kill would proceed to frollic and romp through a history of the last few months. However, I have to return a rental car and frankly I'm a little short on foresight prior to my second cup of coffee.

So I'll fill you in on the basics:

Greg (brother) and Christina are now married! (pictures and compromising stories later)

Jephir is moving to Colorado within the next week, so if you're between CT and CO, let us know where you live and we'll drop in unexpected, raid your fridge and shed on your dog.

Jephir will be (and has been) unemployed upon arrival in Colorado, so if anyone knows of any work, let us in on it. We need to start paying off all our fetish parties.

Jeff is contemplating a run at the world beard championships.

And it goes on....


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