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Friday, April 29, 2005

Crossing dark waters

oooh, it's a tale of mystery (shaking...)

Broke all the rules and made it across the border at 10 pm - Senegal was great, if tiring. Rosso is the most wretched border we've crossed, but with the help of a few Ferengi lookalikes, we sailed from Senegal to Mauritania without incident. Arrived in Nouakchott at 3am and slept outside our hotel for 3 hours until they opened.

Currently waiting for a morrocan-bound vehicle to offer a ride.

Prospects look mixed at best - it's hot as hell so people are trying to escape the Sahara, but potential rides are competing for beds with 30 french missionaries.

Congratulations to Greg and Christina on their engagement, and for that matter to Kim and Mac for theirs.

Next up, our third trans-Saharan leg.

Planning a shea butter cookbook. First attempt involved an unknown fish, 45 spice mix, a tagine and too much shea butter. Oh well, better luck next time.

Jephir only has about 10 days remaining on this African continent (we're thinking about visiting that other one later this year) flight out is May 9th, arrival time in the early evening.


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