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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tamba, tamba, tambacounda!

Bladder infection numero dos for the Z-meister.

Cipro is a wonderful, terrible thing.

Somehow it seems to be getting hotter. We currently drink 6-8 liters per day (combined, of course).

Had a papaya for breakfast this morning. Tasted like spaghetti and cheese.

Headed off to the park tomorrow, hoping for some good beasty shots, negative on the death points and possibly a couple of stars in the eveningtime.

Bought the world's greatest alarm clock today. Koran-shaped, it cries out "Allah Akbar!" when it's time to get up and at em'. Managed to bargain $3 off the price. Skills improving.

Made some pickled vegetables in our Nalgenes for the park. And some minty sugar lime juice - practice for this summer's juice stand.

It seems that we're the only tourists in this town other than a trio of French girls. Foreboding or fortuitous?


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