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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Oh Coca cola, how popular you are (in west africa),
you can drink all that you want,
and still get the travel experience,
because that's what the locals drink.

Drinking one now.

Picked up our Malian visas today, leaving Dakar tomorrow for Touba, the Marabout holy city. We happened upon a couple of friendly Senegalese yesterday who are willing to be our guides for a few days (at a price, of course) - the next week happens to coincide with the Touba pilgrimage, where all transport in Senegal is directed towards getting people to Touba. Also, we got to see some really amazing African dance yesterday (and more tonight). We took some pictures, but can't get them on the web yet, although Sam may be posting some of our earlier pics on our other weblog, jephirpics.

Today we figured out a tentative path for the rest of our trip:
Touba, Senegal for 4 days
The Gambia for 4 days
Parc National de Niokolo-koba for 2 days
Basse Casamance for 5 days
Guinea-bissau, Guinea and Sierra Leone for 2 weeks
Mali for 2 weeks (Timboctou and Dogon Country)
Burkina Faso and Ghana for 2 weeks
Fly back to Morocco, back to JFK, bus to Boston and start work and school!

you can find out info about any and all of these spots at


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