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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Biking around Boulder

I had heard stories of Boulder biking before I moved out to this land of perpetual sun and endless plains. But actually riding about day in and day out has made me realize how wonderful a place this is to ride one's bike. The streets are wide and well paved, the paths beautiful and under-used, the drivers (moderately-)tolerant. Last weekend I got a taste of what makes Boulder really exciting - the foothills. From Gunbarrel to Boulder is comprised of mostly flat roads with the occasional bump, but once you get closer to the foothills the grade increases quickly and a New Englander like me learns a bit about biking at high altitude. Zephir and I haven't managed to completely avoid riding in cars with gas, but I'm pretty sure we only ride to and from Boulder 2-3 times a week, which is pretty good, since I bike there at least 3 if not 5 times weekly. Of course, it's a bit easier to do that kind of bike riding when you're not employed. Z and I have been trying to keep ourselves busy by cooking dinner, renovating parts of the apartment we're squatting in, and catching up on our reading. Unfortunately, I can't help but read about permaculture gardening and agro-forestry, which leaves me chomping at the bit since we're living in a two bedroom apartment. Zephir is looking for schools she/we can attend - Fort Collins is looking more and more promising, although who knows what might happen?


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