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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Denver Recommendations

Recently found a website called Chowhound that has all kinds of exciting recommendations for different parts of the US. Inspired, we put together our own list of restaurants worth visiting the next time you're in Denver and crave an eclectic assortment of cuisines. Here it goes:

Domo Restaurant is a restaurant, museum and martial arts school. It serves great country style Japanese food that is "bowl-centered." More than a culinary experience, lunch is your best bet because of cheaper prices with the same menu.

Saigon Bowl is a tasty vietnamese place reminiscent of various vietnamese soup restaurants I've been to. Think Pho Pasteur if you've been to Boston. Inexpensive, their rice combinations are good, and obviously their soups are great. I always get a couple Vietnamese coffees...
Saigon Bowl
333 S. Federal Blvd.

Seoul Korean Barbeque: a great little korean place that's a bit out of the way, but has excellent barbequed beef and excellent beef tartar. Every meal get a wide array of pickles!
12091 E Iliff Ave
Aurora, CO 80014-1135
(303) 671-0003

Little India has great breads, chai, and mango lasis. Supposedly their lunch buffet is great, but have only eaten dinner there.
330 E 6th Ave
Denver, CO
(303) 871-9777

Mataam Fez is a great moroccan place that has belly dancing, a price fix menu, you get to sit on the floor, and tea poured from the heavens. Oh, and the food is tasty as well.
4609 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO
(303) 399-9282

Dozens restaurant serves a great breakfast, although there's often a long wait, but it is definitely worth it:
236 W 13th Ave
Denver, CO
(303) 572-0066

Bump & Grind is another great breakfast place. In addition to amazing food, if you go on Saturday or Sunday you'll find the waitstaff dressed in drag...
439 E 17th Ave
Denver, CO
(303) 861-4841

Stella's Coffeehouse is a place to get a cup of coffee, it is located in a house and is close to Denver University so it has that comfortable study atmosphere.
1890 E Evans Ave
Denver, CO
(303) 777-8828

Across the street from Stella's is a very tasty sushi restaurant named Sushi Den, but the prices are high and the waitstaff is pompous.

Pints Pub has great food and over 50 scotches to try. They even have cask beer on tap! (if you're in the mood for warm, flat beer;)
221 W 13th Ave
Denver, CO
(303) 534-7543

Pete's Kitchen is a good late night spot so you're not stuck going to denny's after spending some time at the local pubs. Here's the website:

Jerusalem is the other latenight place to get shwarma and gyros after 2 am.
1890 E Evans Ave
Denver, CO
(303) 777-8828

Jax Fish House has a great fish selection and has rather inventive cuisine that uses fresh fruits and vegetables.
1539 17th St
Denver, CO
(303) 292-5767

There you have it. Everything you might ever want to eat. (More soon)


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