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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Back to...

"money is why we work"

Life in Connecticut begins as Zephir and I attempt to save some money and pay off some of our lovely credit card debt. The first couple of days after my mother's wedding have been rather ho-hum, with grey skies dominating and general distemper abounding. I hear this is normal for people returning from a traveling lifestyle, so I won't get too bothered. We're living with my father in Huntington, CT for the next couple of months, although we're going to be traveling about New England in order to catch up with friends and family from days past. Traveling through Conn? Let Jephir know and we'll cook you up some tasty food or bring you to a newly discovered coffeeshop.

Please understand if blogging slows the next week or so due to holidays and readjustment (although I probably could have put that up 2 weeks ago). Oh, and our camera disappeared recently with about 250 pictures, so when it shows up we'll be posting them like mad...


  • At 2:49 AM , Blogger RoBlog said...

    Hi Jephir!
    I'm trying to create a blog here on blogspot too. It's very confusing though. I may have to send you email with questions about how to upload videos. (smiling)
    Also, hoping you make a post Thanksgiving entry soon.
    mom (aka Roblog)


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