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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Lacrosse, WI

We've been under the radar for a bit now, having not posted for several days (almost a week!). Apologies around, but internet access has been difficult to find and frankly, we've both been in shock as of late given the results of the recent election. To make matters worse, the truck's flywheel finally gave out here in Lacrosse and we needed to decide whether to fix it or find a new ride. But first, some of the places we've been...

Grand Forks, East(?) Dakota. Swinging through the high plains isn't something one thinks of as a require part of any cross country trip, but when you've got friends in odd places you might as well stop by and say hello. Camel Matt is a friend of mine from college who gets paid to do obscene things to rats while sucking down ether. An accomplished saxophonist, he's got plenty of wit to pass around, such that even in a land of grey clouds and windy plains one has quite the time in good ole GF. Activities included election watching (in recent years the affinity between US presidential elections and cricket has become rather striking), drinking, eating and more drinking... pics soon on our other site.

Minneapolis, MN. An evening affair, we sped in, swung through a rather nice part of the city and then took off. Interestingly enough, without prior knowledge of the city we managed to somehow land two blocks away from the local coop. A few steps away was the local vegan hangout where Zephir and I caught up on our veggie intake after three days of meat in Grand Forks. Soon enough we were off to a camping spot on the Mississippi, where temperatures were down in the high 20s.

Lacrosse, WI. After the car decided to die at the airport (where we were picking up Mrs. Battison), we headed to one tasty meal after another at the Gundersen household. Who are all these people and when will there be anything interesting to read on this weblog? Probably sometime soon when I'm not being razzed by Zephir and Mrs. Battison...

Car to be fixed on Mon, hopefully putting us back on track.


Why have none of the commentators made a big deal about all the gerrymandering that has taken place? When it comes to difficulties in creating a political discussion today, this should be at the top of the list, at least in my humble opinion...


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