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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sick to my stomach

I don't really understand where the debate is about torture. The idea that at some point soon the US will make it legal to torture people is beyond anything I would have believed a few years ago.

Here's a quote from a New Yorker article as to why torture doesn't make sense from an intelligence standpoint, one that Senator McCain has been attempting to explain to others:

Ten hours after landing in Jordan, Arar said, he was driven to Syria, where interrogators, after a day of threats, “just began beating on me.” They whipped his hands repeatedly with two-inch-thick electrical cables, and kept him in a windowless underground cell that he likened to a grave. “Not even animals could withstand it,” he said. Although he initially tried to assert his innocence, he eventually confessed to anything his tormentors wanted him to say. “You just give up,” he said. “You become like an animal.”


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